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Vision and Learning Questions

What is the relationship between vision and learning

Dr. Chris Schell , Barrie Optometrist has expertise in diagnosing and treating vision related leaning problems

What is Low vision ?

Low vision is caused by a variety of conditions involving people over 65

Questions regarding appointments

What do I need to bring to my appointment?

There are four things you need to bring to your eye appointment

Questions regarding eye exams

What is the difference between a prescription check only exam and a fully comprehensive eye exam?

Dr. Chris Schell, Barrie optometrist talks about the difference between prescription check and comprehensive eye exams.

Is my Eye Exam covered by OHIP ?

Dr. Chris Schell , Barrie optometrist answers the question about OHIP and eye exams

Questions regarding payments

Can you bill my insurance directly for me?

Depending on who you're insured with, Dr. Chris Schell can bill your insurnace directly to you

General Questions

When should I reorder contacts?

If you are a daily user, you should reorder them right away
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