What is the relationship between vision and learning

What is the relationship between vision and learning

Dr. Chris Schell , Barrie Optometrist has expertise in diagnosing and treating vision related leaning problems

Review this list of vision related symptom prepared by Dr. Schell, Barrie optometrist for clues as to vision related learning problems

Here is a list of vision symptoms that if present can indicate a vision related learning problem .

If you of your child demonstrates any of these symptoms , make an appointment with Barrie optometrist, Dr, Chris Schell

- Blurred vision
- Double vision
-Words running together when reading
-Burning , stinging, watery eyes
-Falling asleep when reading
-Vision worse at the end of the day
-Skipping or repeating lines when reading
-Dizziness or nausea associated with near work
-Head tilt or closing one eye when reading
-Difficulty changing focus from near to far/far to near
-Avoidance of reading and near work
-Omitting small words when reading
-Reverses letters , numbers , words
-Writing uphill or downhill
-Mis-aligning digits in columns of numbers
-Reading comprehension declining over time
-Holding reading material too close
-Short attention span
-Difficulty completing assignments in reasonable time
-Avoiding sports and games
-Difficulty with hand tools , scissors , calculators, key's etc
-Inability to estimate distances
-Tendency to knock things over
-Difficulty with time management
-Difficulty with money concepts , making change
-Misplaces or loses papers , objects , belongings
-Car sickness/motion sickness
-Forgetful , poor memory

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