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Healthy Vision Checklist for Kids

With a healthy vision checklist you can maintain vision health for your child

Healthy Vision Checklist for Adults

With a healthy vision checklist you can maintain your vision health

Laser Eye Surgery Consultations

Consider Refractive Surgery for Freedom from Glasses and Contact Lenses

Eye Exams

Vision Testing

There is MUCH more to vision than having 20/20 eyesight!

Glaucoma Testing

Do you have a history of glaucoma in your family? Visit Dr. Chris Schell to be tested

Children's Eye Exams

Have your child's eyes examined before school starts

Adult Eye Exams

Get a thorough evaluation of how healthy your eyes are!

Optomap Ultra-widefield Retinal Imaging

Early detection of eye conditions, or other diseases is essential to reduce the risk to your health and sight

Senior Eye Exams

Prevent vision loss with annual eye examinations for those 65 or older!


Dry Eye Therapy

Do you suffer from red, sore, and dry eyes? We are here to help!

Computer Vision Syndrome Treatment

Stop headaches and eyestrain by getting Computer Vision Syndrome treated!

Vision Training

Strengthen and train your eyes!

Contact Lenses

Contact Lens Services

Contact Lenses are a Great Alternative to Eyewear

Contact Lens Fitting

Live in comfort with properly fitted contact lenses!
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