Children's Eye Exams Children's Eye Exams Children's Eye Exams

Children's Eye Exams

Have your child's eyes examined before school starts

Dr. Chris Schell in Barrie, Ontario offers children's eyes exams

Your child's first eye exam is recommended by the College of Optometrists at 6 months to test for congenital eye disease and tracking abilities. Eye exams are covered by OHIP one time per year. Its important to schedule an eye exam for your child before school starts. Poor eyesight can hinder a child's performance in school and limit his or her ability to participate in class.

Children's Eye Exams Includes:

Visual Acuity Test to test the sight.
Depth Perception Test for measuring 3D vision.
Colour Vision Testing to look for deficiencies.
Binocular Visual Assessment for testing how the eyes work together.
Check up on overall eye health, front and back and may include dilation if required.
Refraction for determining precise prescription.
Final diagnosis and recommendations based on individual needs.

Here at Dr. Chris Schell's Optometrist Office, our professional team of optometrists love helping kids! Give us a call today to book and appointment for your child!

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Last Updated On: February 22, 2017
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