Senior Eye Exams

Senior Eye Exams

Prevent vision loss with annual eye examinations for those 65 or older!

Dr. Chris Schell of Barrie, Ontario specializes in comprehensive Senior Eye Exams

Senior eye examinations are very important because seniors often suffer from age related vision problems - some that may be treated easily, and some that require a more complex identification and treatment. To help prevent diseases that are incurable and to maintain a clear quality of life, you should schedule annual eye exams. Annual eye exams are covered by OHIP for those 65 or older.

A senior eye exam at Dr. Chris Schell's consists of many elements to cover all aspects of the eye:

Digital fundus photo – a picture of the back surface of the eye - extra fee.
Visual Acuity Test – testing sight.
Binocular Visual Assessment - testing how the eyes work together.
Check up on overall eye health - both front and back and may include pupil dilation if required.
Intra-ocular Pressure – assessing risk of glaucoma.
Corneal Pachymetry – assessing risk of glaucoma.
Refraction – determines the precise prescription.
Final Diagnosis and Recommendations- based on individual needs.

Eye diseases are often silent and painless, regular senior eye examinations can prevent serious vision loss. Call Dr. Chris Schell's optometry office in Barrie, Ontario today to book a senior eye exam. We love our senior citizens!

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Last Updated On: July 17, 2017
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