Vision Therapy

Vision Therapy

Change your vision for the better!

Dr. Chris Schell on Barrie, Ontario specializes in vision therapy

Vision Therapy is a non-surgical tool used to improve one’s eyesight, and permanently alter one’s vision for the better. Vision therapy begins with a thorough assessment by an optometrist and continues with physical exercises done both in Doctor Schell’s office in Barrie, Ontario with a wide range of medical tools and exercises to be done at home.

Firstly, Doctor Schell will examine your eyes to determine if you could benefit from vision therapy. Then, he will customize a plan for your specific needs. Your in-office sessions can last anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour and can be biweekly or a few times a week— Dr. Schell can help you decide on the best option.

In the Barrie office during the exercises, Dr. Schell will use a variety of tools, such as prisms, lenses, filters, as well as computer programs. Vision therapy mainly addresses visual motor guidance relating to motor skills, eye tracking, focusing on objects at a distance, eye alignment, and visual information processing. These help alter your vision so that your quality of life increases and changes for the better— that is, after all, the ultimate goal.

Vision therapy can be used for multiple conditions, from those had from birth to those gained after an accident or injury. Poor vision can happen at any age. Adults suffering from a head or sports injury are just as eligible for vision therapy as children with congenital vision defects.

Vision therapy can help in so many ways, and if practiced with diligence, will yield significant results. Vision therapy not only treats the physical effects of defective vision but also the mental ones. With vision therapy, Doctor Schell’s patients have seen an increase in comfort with using the visual sense, self-confidence, self-awareness, and self esteem. Vision therapy for students results in literacy and reading skills, as it can aid with some learning disabilities linked with vision. Dr. Schell also treats brain injuries, from sports or otherwise, as well as Strabismus and Amblyopia.

In his office in Barrie, Dr. Schell helps each of his patients according to their unique individual needs. His careful assessment and continued attention can help you or a loved one increase their confidence in themselves and their comfort in vision. Come into Dr. Schell’s office in Barrie if you think you or a loved one could benefit from vision therapy and corrective vision services today!

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