Kelly C.

Thanks for looking after my wife Mary's glasses today. Very happy with the level of professionalism & service that is provided. Looking forward to seeing you soon.

Larissa C.

Absolutely amazing team. I always have the best service and they ensure that your visit and whatever else you need along the way is taken care of in a smooth and timely manner. Linda is a great asset to the team and her customer service is phenomenal!

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Jason P.

Dr. Schell is great. He and the staff are polite and thorough. He uses the latest technology in his analysis and they stand behind their products they sell.

Dave J.

Always an excellent experience. Dr Schell always provides answers to all my questions, and then some, all while ensuring my eyes are at their optimum health.

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Bruce & Tanya C.

I am so very grateful to have found a doctor like Chris Schell. Dealing with extreme visual impairment for over 50 years and countless doctors and optometrists over that time I can honestly say that Dr. Schell is the most caring, dedicated, patient and knowledgeable doctor I have had the pleasure of dealing with.
Over the past year my son and I have experienced some of the most traumatic vision loss that anyone can deal with. Dr. Schell and his team have been such comfort to us. They all have genuine care for
there patients. Dr. Schell is a gift to his field and to anyone in need of his expertise. He goes out of his way to help. I found that if he was not sure about something that he always cared enough to research
and investigate thoroughly to find an option that could help us in any way.

We feel so blessed to have found a doctor of his character and feel so many others could benefit by his example. So to the Doctor and his fantastic team.....Thank you so much for caring the way that you do.
You could not be in better hands when it comes to your vision this team is second to NONE.

Rob T.

Hi, there, I had my lower punctal plugs removed over a month ago based on your recommendation. They had been in for nearly 20 years for dry eye management. I just wanted to say a big THANK YOU!

My eyes have not felt this great in 10 years! No tearing, no dryness, no oily lid margins and no foreign body sensation when moving my eyes. I don't use at all now. I did the Omega 3 supplements but found the high does caused me some sleep problems, which is a well-documented response some people have. So even without those, all is great!!!!

You have a great friendly staff, professional services and excellent personality. You demonstrated an in-depth knowledge, explained everything in detail during they eye exam and took the time to listen. Without hesitation I will refer people to you, have already sent 2.

Update - 3 months later… no problems, eyes feel the best they have in 20 years!

Thank you,

Jessica C.

Thank you for a wonderful experience at your Optometry Clinic! The thorough knowledge you effortlessly pass to your clients was very evident during my eye exam and sunglass fitting. Your passion to teach others about eye care has given me the comfort of knowing I have a wonderful Optometrist to rely on in Barrie. During each component of the eye exam, you explained everything in full detail, which is something completely new I experienced. I was impressed that you put so much meaning behind all those bright lights and puffs of air!
Upon arrival, your staff warmly greeted me and personalized everything from the eye exam to budgeting. Your facility has an excellent selection of all eye care products, and a staff that cares about making every interaction personal.
I left you feeling more educated and aware about my own eye care, which is something you cannot put a price on. It is without hesitation that I will refer friends, family, and students to see you as I know you will take care of them with an individualized approach.
Thank you again Dr. Schell!

Joanna W.

I wanted to express my gratitude for my positive experience at your office. You, your friendly, welcoming and helpful staff make it a great experience.
It wasn’t easy for me to admit that I needed glasses; as a matter of fact it took close to a year for me to actually get them. Once I did I realized that it was great and I wished that I had purchased my glasses sooner.
With the glasses I received I can wear them all the time and don’t have to struggle when it comes time to reading small print. It is definitely a tool I can’t do with out and at the same time I can also feel confident because I had help from your staff, picking out a style that compliments me.
As a business owner appearance is important, thank you for helping me choose what’s best for me.

Janet M.

Dear Chris,
It had been a few years since my last eye examination and I knew I would need some adjustment to my prescription glasses. I was wearing, basically “cheaters” as my prescription lenses had become too weak. Your staff followed up quickly to ensure a timely appointment that suited my schedule, were very friendly and helpful before and during the process of picking new frames.
I found your examination to be very through and the idea of being able to view the pictures of the inside of my eye was amazing to say the least. This ensured me that my eyes were in good health and that I didn’t have to use the drops to dilate the pupils and then drive!
I was so enthusiastic about the care and services with you and your staff that I recommended my husband to visit, and he did. He too came back with very positive comments about you clinic and the experience. I will continue to recommend both you and your clinic to all I know who are looking for a caring and professional eye care experience.

Paula D. & Robert C.

We felt compelled to write to you to thank you and your wonderful staff for the services and care we received at out visit last week. Our experience at your office with the care you offer and education we received was exceptional! We were extremely impressed with the services and information you provided us. Not to mention immediate diagnosis! Wow!
All of you explain everything so clearly, had time for us, and most of all are kind and compassionate. For us, the most important element is that we have total faith in all of you and that is not something which we sat lightly.
We would like to thank Chris and his staff for their professional approach and personal touch. Being able to understand what is happening with our eyes as we age and that things may react slower does not necessarily mean that we require glasses was an eye opener!

Susanne H.

So knowledgeable and professional! First class treatment all the way. I refer all of my friends and family to Chris without hesitation.

Karen O.

Dr. Schell and his staff are all dedicated, caring, and friendly. Our whole family goes to Dr. Schell and we always recommend him to anyone in need of an eye doctor. They go above and beyond exceptional customer service. It is clear that Dr. Schell is extremely passionate about what he does and that he truly cares about what is best for his patients. He is great at explaining all available options and providing the education and knowledge necessary to make an informed decision. They take their time with you and we always feel like valued customers every time we visit.
Thanks for all you do!

Peter L.

Dr. Schell's office is one of the nicest I've seen. The staff were very accommodating and the service was more than I expected; very professional and knowledgeable. Everyone in my family goes to Dr. Schell’s and will do so in the future. Highly recommended!!!

Lourdes P.

I want to thank you for looking after my husband, my daughter and my own eyes. I find you to be very professional and caring, you not only explain thoroughly bout the pictures you take of the back of the eyes but you use tools or gadgets to explain how the eyes work. In other words you put it in simple easy to understand terms, I can see how children would love to come to you for eye examinations.
Your office is very professional with up to date equipment and your staff are amongst the nicest people I have dealt with.
I admire your honesty, you’re not in business to push a product if it’s not needed, instead you have suggested, that if I need an extra pair of glasses to buy it at the dollar store and gave me the equivalent to my prescription +1.0.
When I meet with clients, especially families with children, I talk about the importance of having the children’s eyes checked by an Optometrist and the fact that it’s free for children under the age of 19, I then pass your information to them.
Keep up the good work.

Sasha D.

I have had many eye exams over the years. They were impersonal, bland … down right boring. I started to notice that my glasses weren’t working for me as well as they had in the past, so with hesitation I made an appointment with Dr. Chris Schell. I honestly thought there was no possible way to be “wowed’ by an eye exam…was I ever wrong!
I was greeted immediately and warmly as soon as I walked in the door. I didn’t feel like a “patient”, I felt like a guest. Throughput my whole visit everyone was happy and professional.
The technology that Dr. Schell uses is cutting edge, and he took the time to explain the results of the tests he ran. This put me at ease, and made me feel much more comfortable asking questions…I left at the end of my appointment feeling reassured about the health of my eyes.
I left wondering why all the other appointments weren’t more like Dr. Schell. There is absolutely no comparison. If you think eye exams are boring and bland, then you clearly haven’t been to see Dr. Chris Schell.

He is different… Go see!

Joanna W.

I’d like to thank you for helping me out in a time of need, I accidently splashed vinegar into my eye and as a result was very worried that I done some harm to my eye.
I appreciate the speedy service in my time of need and the explanation was very valuable. It’s wonderful to know that if need, I can visit your office in a time of emergency rather than waiting in a crowded clinic or hospital waiting room.
After my treatment (the eye drops) my eye was fully recovered the very next day!

Faye Z.

How wonderful to be able to walk into your Optometrist’s office and be able to rave about the experience you have had!
While going for what I considered to be a routine exam, I learned more about my vision than I ever thought I would care to. Meaning, you don’t know you care until you are informed and once informed you realize the importance and value of the information provided. It really opened our eyes! I had no idea as to when I should and should not wear my glasses and even why. I now know!
Both Dr. Schell and staff were polite, accommodating, professional and a joy to meet.
I would never hesitate to recommend Dr. Schell’s service to anyone that I know needs glasses or even just an eye exam. We are dedicated clients! Thank you for such a memorable and informed eye experience!

Tiffany J.

Love him! He takes the time to listen and explain things in English (and not doctor slang) haha. The staff are very friendly and nice!

Kurt S.

Based on the quality of service that I received at your office, I am pleased to write this letter of testimony!
I came to your office in late July 2010, looking for new glasses and (for the first time) prescription sunglasses. Of course a thorough eye exam was first on the agenda. From the moment I came into your facility, I was greeted with warmth and professionalism.
Dr. Chris, your examination of my eyesight and review of my eye’s health was, well, “eye opening’! The level of technology you have at your disposal to ascertain the condition of one’s eyes, store information for future reference to determine the correct prescription is state of the art. The process was fascinating!
I whole heartedly recommend Dr. Chris and his team. They have provided quality product and top notch service from start to finish!

Ernie G.

From the very first visit, I was amazed at the always warm and courteous reception I have received by his staff. I was never kept waiting as they took me through initial “testing”, and then on to the “one-om one” personal evaluation by Dr. Schell.
Dr. Schell was always very clear and concise with any explanations on issues that he felt needed to be addressed. He is always very open to my questions, and provided respectful suggestions to handle the situation. Without any “sales approach”.
Since then, my wife and mother-in-law, who is 87, have enjoyed the same comfortable experience that I have just conveyed.
Dr. Schell has created such a “trust factor” with me, that I would refer and encourage everyone to experience the capable service of Dr. Schell and his staff.


I have to tell you that your staff is fantastic. Your office’s services and professionalism are second to none. I appreciate what you have done for me; my new golf prescription is working just fine. This was the first time since I have been wearing glasses that somebody took the time to fit me for different activities, and actually discussed the options/possibilities. That says volume about your approach to your profession.

Rick T.

Just got new glasses with the special Zeiss office lenses. OMG!! It’s like someone just flipped on the super HD. Love them and I spend a LOT of time working on computers, Thank you Dr. Chris, Linda and team. You just made my life so much better, you have no idea.

Suzanne W.

Thanks for the new glasses! It’s great to be able to see so well.

Meredith S.

I cannot say enough great things about Dr. Chris Schell and his team. This morning my dog broke my glasses in half and I am leaving on a trip tomorrow. Turns out my frames are discontinued. Not only did they track the rep down for the style but found a pair of my frames and had me up and going in under an hour. Unbelievable service. Thank you so much.

Tiara R.

Lovely staff and Dr. Schell was really wonderful with me and my 1 year old daughter. The waiting room was full of age appropriate and engaging toys. It really makes a difference in the frustration aspect of waiting with a baby.

Christine D.

We’ve been going since my daughter got glasses at 18 months. He’s incredible.

Charlene J.

Was looking for an eye Dr. in Barrie 4 years ago…Read about him in the paper, had great reviews so I went he is an amazing Dr. very caring & patient, explains everything in detail and answers all questions asked.. Had 2nd Appt today they squeezed me in under short notice which I appreciated. Highly recommend him and his delightful staff.

Mary W.

I saw him today. He explains everything to me very well. They will direct bill your insurance company for your visit and purchase of your glasses. David loves his new glasses and they are progressives. His staff is very friendly and helpful.

K.C. G.

Always a great experience. Facility is great and the entire staff is phenomenal! Dr. Schell explains everything simply, amazing with kids and really cares about his patients. It’s actually relaxing to go. Would recommend to anyone!

Dana W.

Friendly staff, great selection and a very comfortable experience.



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