Vision is more than 20/20

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20/20 does not equal perfect vision

Only 14% of Canadian children have had a comprehensive eye examination prior to starting school, yet 80% of our learning comes from our eyes. A 'vision screening', although well-intentioned, may be missing some key visual conditions that can impact learning severely. A comprehensive eye examination on the other hand tests all aspects of vision and eye health.

Please watch this video ( a colleague and I put this together) and get this most important message out there to make a difference in all the little eyes across Canada. If you know any teachers, educators or have any media connections to send this video to that would be a great connection.

Considering that 12+ years of classroom education lie ahead for kids, it seems that we can do better by making it necessary to have eyes comprehensively examined for all school aged children in the country. Especially when it is covered by most provincial health plans.

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